Today’s Challenge

Swap Sugar

Take the time today to treat yourself.  However, instead of sugar, swap out one of your regular choices with honey, molasses, stevia, agave or a fruit.  Be cautious here as these are still sugars and less is needed for sweetness.  Here is how sugar is ranked.

Maybe this means taking something you enjoy and giving it a makeover and substituting ingredients.  It is important to use less of the alternative sugar.


  • Try replacing your morning coffee and sugar with honey, agave, stevia, raw coconut sugar.
  • Try Lemon and molasses water instead of your soda.
  • Whip up a batch of Healing Fudge instead of a candy bar.
  • Plan ahead and make Homemade Granola
  • Choose a sugarless smoothie instead of ice cream
  • Use healthy alternatives for sugar sparingly as they are more concentrated sugars.



Be careful not to fall into looking for sugar-free as an alternative. There are many unsafe alternatives that are as bad or worse than added sugar.

Use less sugar alternatives as they are even considered questionable by some. 

Xylotol is a natural sweetener and can poison your dog.

Some of the many alternatives

Author: Healing Foodie

I am a mother of five children and 120 pounds on a heavy day. I grew up eating the average American diet and seemed pretty healthy until I found myself exhausted and struggling with kidney stones, sleepless nights and unmanageable skin issues. I stumbled across the answers that would soon unlock some keys to my healing and recovery. Eliminating added sugars, eating whole non GMO food, fermenting and gardening, homeschooling and my continued learning. Come join my journey and continue your own. Please note: I do not claim to have all the answeres and base my FACTS on my own experiences and conclusions. Please take time to pray for healing and direction, research on your own, ask questions, seek out an expert and start low and slow. We are all created unique and live different lifestyles and nothing is the same for everyone. Be blessed on your journey. I owe it all to the creator of all things, glory be to God!

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